Renu Adhikari

In this oral history, Dr. Renu Adhikari tells us her story of being born to a modest family in Nepal, and a childhood that she spent with her grandmother, a Brahmin widow. She remembers how her mother fought for her daughter’s education, and how she went to Moscow to continue her studies. Renu married at 18, and became widowed, and how her family reacted to her life choices, especially after she got remarried. She speaks of the women she met during her practice as a medical doctor, who changed her life and propelled her to make a drastic change and start the Women’s Rehabilitation Center and establish organizations for survivors of violence and trafficking.

Renu recounts how she was received by women’s groups in Nepal, and how she found a supportive community from feminists around the world, especially women human rights defenders. Renu also talks about generational continuity and working with young people, and starting Tarangini, a feminist organization that works on documentation, self-care and mentoring. She also tells us about her self-care practices and how she spends her days. In the final segment of the interview, she recounts her experiences when she first started to work on LGBT issues in Nepal.

Download the transcription as PDF: Renu Adhikari Storytellers Project

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