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Go to The Feminist Libraryالمكتبة

The Feminist Libraryالمكتبة

We especially welcome, and invite you to spread the word to women who do not have access to feminist literature elsewhere.

Go to The Feminist School المدرسة

The Feminist School المدرسة

In our classes, learning is a two-way street, allowing us to co-create feminist knowledge with everyone involved.

Go to The Storytellers Project

The Storytellers Project

All women have stories to tell; most women don’t have spaces to share these stories with the world.

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The Team
We are Feminists. We seek change and Justice.

The Knowledge Workshop (KW) is an ongoing workshop for (re)searching and gathering women’s stories, for creating and sharing feminist resources through engaging women and their struggles within their communities in Lebanon. We, the KW team, have merged all our past experiences in collective grassroots organizing and working within more institutionalized forms of activism, in activist writing and in scholarly research, and our experiences working in different artistic and media projects, in order to create this feminist workshop.

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Deema Keadbey

Managing Partner
A feminist from Lebanon, with a PhD in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies. I’ve taught classes in this field and I currently work as a researcher on women’s issues. As a writer, I am drawn to the mystical/supernatural, and to the inner worlds of women. I’ve also worked in editing and translating, in both activist & academic spaces.

Sara AbouGhazal

Managing Partner.
I’m a Palestinian Refugee. I believe in feminism. I’ve been organizing since 1999, and been writing since i learned how to. Right now, I’m serving as the regional coordinator for the Regional Coalition of WHRDs in MENA, and as a Board member from Levant area. I’m a board member of FRH, a local organisation working on statelessness and refugees. I multi task at the workshop. Want to know more about us? let’s have a coffee!

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